The Problem

Lead UX Researcher, UX Designer
Aug 2023 - May 2023
Qualtrics, Figma
Druti Naik, Sidra Morchower

The Process

This work was a part of a semester long project in one of my core courses at Georgia Tech titled ‘HCI Foundations.’ For this project, my team partnered with Pumpkin, a pet insurance company whose mission is to keep pets healthy. The goal of our process was to develop a user-centered, evidence-based design solution.

The Solution

Based on findings extrapolated from our data gathered through a survey and interviews, we devised Pawxy. Pawxy is a mobile application that provides personalized care packages to pet owners based on their pet's unique needs. As a pet's needs evolve, recommendations adapt to address them. Pawxy also serves as a central resource for pet owners to discover new tools and tips to better support their pet, as well as seek expert guidance in addressing observed behavioral issues.